Everett, Washington 1 comment

Tried to buy the 'Any Video Converter'. After PayPal payment, no download link, no email, no nothing. TOTAL RIPOFF SCAM ARTISTS, SWREG

Fake, criminal company. I don't have any more words to add, that is the sum total of the situation: FAKE CRIMINAL COMPANY.

Fake, criminal company. I don't have any more words to add, that is the sum total of the situation: FAKE CRIMINAL COMPANY.

Fake, criminal company. I don't have any more words to add, that is the sum total of the situation: FAKE CRIMINAL COMPANY.

Fake, criminal company. I don't have any more words to add, that is the sum total of the situation: FAKE CRIMINAL COMPANY.

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*** Company Dont dry......


Not resolved

I have tried to contact you several times, but something is always wrong, cant fill in a box so then you cant submit the request.

Here it is! I GOT SCAMMED by FreeCommissions (Michael Wilcox). I pressed on Free Commissions and up came SWREG and I pressed continue 4 times at 429.00. and a bill for 275.22 from Hostzilla. I went on after SWREG trying to continue to get into Free Commissions I pressed Lightning Fas Hosting (388.00) and was promted to continue twice with Traffic Cracker (388.00 twice)

Then I checkes in with webHostzilla for 275.22

I did all this because the site kept telling me to continue. I finally quit because all I was doing was putting charges on my AMEX card. Yes I verified but didnt know what was going on. I never got to this "webinar" or finding out what the actual program was.

I was hounded day and nite over this program. Calls at 3 am. This is a scam and it is being reported. If you dont want to get involved then please return my money immediately. I would suggest you look carefully at your suppliers.

I hope you can take care of this. you can reach me at 518-275-6563. I would give you my email but I am afraid. I am shutting down everything, but you can remove the charges from the credit card (last 4 digits 01001) You can also call AMEX to verify.

Please release this money as a charge back to AMEX. Thank you Anita Olson, 24 County Rte 59A, Buskirk, NY 12028.

SWREG - WORST Customer Service

Scottsdale, Arizona 0 comments
Not resolved

WORST Customer Service, I have ever experienced!DO NOT BUY OR USE SWREG to download software or programs.

They will not refund your order if you ask. Program did not download properly. I was charged for more than what was in my cart. The only reply I received was "I am sorry for the inconvenience." SAVE your money and buy elsewhere.

I would still like a full refund and I am still waiting for SWREG to contact me with a result.Do not buy items online even after I downloaded the trial program, it was not the same product.

SWREG - Could not provide a working program.

Plano, Texas 0 comments
Not resolved

I purchases a software program from SmartDoctor that was advertised to enable users to recover lost or unknown passwords for Excel files.The program appears to work when running the demo but does not show or remove any passwords.

After purchasing and registering, the program would not open any Excel files, let alone, find passwords. Not only the software provider but the e-commerce company that collected and passed on the money appears not to care. SWREG, Inc.

is the reseller and merchant for "Excel Password Recovery 5.0" by SmartDoctor.I should have known better when the support e-mail address is @gmail.com.

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SWREG, inc. has no customer service

Park City, Utah 1 comment
Not resolved

I ordered a PDF conversion program for MAC called AnyBizSoft PDF Converter for $59.95, but when I attempted downloading it failed saying it was only Windows compatible.Customer service is complicated and fragmented to purposefully frustrate consumers and to thwart complaints, refunds, etc.

The only customer service phone number listed is to China! Their advertising is misleading. My emails have gone unanswered, but they have the employee power to make sure they fill my in-box with emails promising $15 off my previous purchase for some data backup hoax that I don't need or want.

Consumers beware!Do not waste your money on products from this company.

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I too have just purchased GoldPlan from SWREG as they phoned me and sorted out Trojans I had on my computer. They phone me regularly and I have a telephone no: 02081332506 infor@techesupport.co.cc. Have I been had or are they genuine???

SWREG - Didn't deliver software

Spokane, Washington 1 comment

SWREG Inc.tried to get me for software I did not want because quite frankly they scared me into believing my computer was corrupted.

I did get my money back after talking to my credit card company. I also found out the toll free number which did not appear anywhere on my order. It is 877-229-2938. Watch out for these guys.

I read some of the other complaints and agree that these tactics are unacceptable.If it had not been for my credit card provider I do not believe that I could havve recovered my money because this company did not provide information needed to talk to the directly.

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They did the same thing to me. I'm hoping my debit card Visa can get my money back as I notified them of this scam the next morning after I'd been conned the previous evening.

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